CLASS 24 #3655 {JENNY}

Class 24 #3655 named Jenny was originally used in the then South West Africa (now Namibia). After being withdrawn from service there, she was used at Paarden Eiland / Belville.

The year 1948 saw the introduction of the 2-8-4 or ‘Berkshire’ wheel arrangement on the SAR with the placing in service of one hundred Class 24 branch line locomotives.

#3655 has now been leased by Atlantic Rail from Cape Western Vintage Railways and Atlantic Rail has taken over responsibility for maintaining her.

CLASS 19B #1412 {BAILEY}

Class 19B #1412 named Bailey (coal burner) was manufactured in 1930 in Germany and was virtually identical to the Class 19 locomotives with the exception of the wheelbase of the front bogie. It also has a 4-8-2 Mountain-type wheel arrangement and a Watson Standard boiler.

In 1930, the South African Railways placed fourteen Class 19B steam locomotives with a 4-8-2 Mountain type wheel arrangement in service. One of them was later reboilered and reclassified to Class 19BR.

The South African Class 19B, numbered in the range from 1401 to 1414, was a later model of the original Class 19 which had been designed in 1928 under the supervision of Colonel F.R. Collins DSO, Chief Mechanical Engineer (CME) of the SAR from 1922 to 1929.