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Eight at Spier

Eight is a farm-to-table eating experience. Like its name, the restaurant is an expression of balance, cycles, harmony, infinity and abundance.

The produce used at Eight is either grown on the farm or sourced from nearby farmers. Natural and organic ingredients are preferred, creatively combined to create nourishing, healthy, and delicious food.

Spier Wines

Adults: Choose three wines from our Signature range and one from each of the two premium wine ranges, 21 Gables and Creative Block.

Children (Grape Juice tasting): This tasting is the ideal way to keep the youngsters busy with a tasting of three different grape juices and an educational activity sheet.

Eagle Encounters

Get up close and personal with birds of prey, and find out how these magnificent animals keep the Spier farm healthy and balanced. Get touchy: hold an owl or an eagle in the touching gallery. Take part in a breathtaking falconry display, with kites, buzzards, owls and other birds swooping to and around you.

Find out who's who: in the weathering area (the birds don't live in cages) check out who the fastest, cheekiest and strongest birds are.

There's much more to the centre than just birds, though! Hang out with Sonic the porcupine and Drogon, the bearded dragon and marvel at the family of Cape dwarf chameleons.

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Ticket fare for the trip includes the following:

  • Return steam train journey to Spier Wine farm
  • Wine tasting (grape juice for children)
  • Animal experience at Eagle encounters, where you will be introduced to a variety of animals being cared for there.
  • Lunch at Eight restaurant (3 meals to choose from). Beverages are not included

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