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With most of our events, someone invariably takes some photographs and allows us to share them with others who were not so fortunate as to be able to attent these. Here is a selection of these images.

The earliest of these pictures are from our 2008 Heritage Day trip to Simonstown. This was the very first trip under the Atlantic Rail name and unfortunately shortly thereafter we were requested to get additional licenses, agreements and certifications. Because of this, there was a two year drought before the next event. We now plan to run quite regularly and to become a familiar sight on the Cape's railway lines.


A Collection of images from 2012.

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Santa Special 11 and 19 December 2010

On some holidays such as Christmas and Easter, Atlantic Rail runs special trains like the Santa Special. Each child receives a gift from Santa and there is an opportunity of having pictures taken with Santa on the front of the Loco.

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Fish Hoek 12 December 2010

After an absence of over two years, Atlantic Rail ran on the South Peninsula line again. The destination Station was Fish Hoek. After dropping passengers, the train continued on towards Glencairn Station. This was the first train to go down that track in over a year. The trip was done carefully as no service crews had been along the line in quite a while. At one point, the dunes had started to wander over the tracks and this had to be cleared by hand. However, the iconic scene of the train passing Glencairn Beach was worth all the sweat.

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Atlantic Rail Open Day - 8 August 2010

Atlantic Rail hosted an open day in association with CitySightseeing Cape Town and the Train Lodge . Visitors were able to have short trips on both our steam train and the vintage bus. Various vintage car clubs had their cars on display and there were a variety of craft stalls. The 'Red Devil' was pulled out so that visitors could take photographs. A great time was had by all.

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Heritage Day Simonstown Trip - 24 September 2008

The very first trip that Atlantic Rail ran was on Heritage Day 2008. It was an extremely successful and exciting day, the excitement of everyone who saw the train was something to behold.

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